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We’ve detailed every square inch to make sure the steel panels are a quality fit to our brand new bodies as well as your original 1932 car.

Hotrods by Dean

Dean shares his experience working with the all-steel complete cab shell.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the MSRP?
MSRP $13,999.00 + Plus Crate fee $600.00 and/or Pallet Fee $100.00 + Freight Fee

How do the payment terms work? 
A 50% deposit is required. The balance is due the day before we ship the completed body.

Weight of the truck cab?
The truck cab weighs 250 lbs. The steel shipping crate weights 240 lbs. The wood pallet (if needed) weighs 25 lbs.

Are there different options?
B21000-A model comes with the Cowl Vent. 
B21000-B model comes without the Cowl Vent.

1 Year

Is the body primed or raw steel? 
The cab is coated in a Black EDP coating to keep the steel fresh and prevent rusting during the project phase. The EDP coat is easily sanded and is designed to accept a high-quality primer.


Can I use a credit card for the deposit/final payment? 
Sorry but due to the amount of the purchase, we require a check for deposit and final payments.

Can I pick up the Cab at the factory to save freight costs? 
Possibly. You would have to have appropriate truck and/or trailer and cargo straps to secure during transit. Cab will still require a special made pallet for cab to be strapped down to and that adds a $100 pallet fee.

If I place the deposit now but I decide later to cancel – How do I get the deposit back? 
We understand plans may change down the road. Give us as much notice as possible if you have to cancel. The deposit refund takes about 7-10 days to process.

How long after I place me order will the Truck cab be ready? 
We will begin production in Early December and fill orders with a priority on orders with a deposit and then based on the date order was placed. We will give you a general time frame for completion and update you going forward.

Is it possible to add parts and component to ship with the cab? The Cab must ship on its own to avoid any possible damages. Components can ship separately on a different ticket, yet at the same time to assure both arrive around the same time.

1932 Assembled Steel Body
Reservation Agreement / Sales Order Terms and Conditions

1. Reservation:
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3. Purchase Amount:
 The Purchase Amount includes the purchase price of the steel body, plus estimates of any applicable taxes, duties, transport and delivery charges, and any other applicable fees which will be indicated on the “Sales Order confirmation” issued to you by United Pacific.

4. Order Process: 
Orders for an assembled steel body may be placed on-line or over the phone. Once United Pacific receives your order, we will issue a “Preliminary Sales Order confirmation”. You will have up to 20 days to issue the Reservation Payment to United Pacific for your preliminary Sales Order to remain active. Once the Reservation Payment is received and verified, United Pacific will issue the “Final Sales Order confirmation. Production times and completion dates vary based on demand, but the approximate production time and completion date will be indicated on the Final Sales Order confirmation. You will need to execute this Sales Order confirmation with your “Signature of Acceptance” and return to United Pacific.

5. Production Phase: Upon receipt of the final Sales Order confirmation, as per your Signature of Acceptance, United Pacific will consider that to be your approval to open a production ticket for the assembly of your steel body. Once a production ticket is open on your steel body, there can be no changes and therefore the Reservation Payment is non-refundable at that point on.

6. Delivery Phase:
 A few days before your steel body is completed, United Pacific will contact you to arrange final payment. Final payment includes the remaining balance for the steel body along with any applicable taxes, duties, transport and delivery charges. In some cases, customers may request WILL CALL pickup, but will need to provide adequate transportation methods. All deliveries are dependent upon full and final payment. Final payment may be made with check, money order or electronic bank draft (credit card payments excluded).

7. Acknowledgements: Non-Transferable:
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