A Legend Reborn

Officially licensed by Ford, the iconic 1932 Ford 5-Window Coupe and Truck was brought back to life by United Pacific for the next generation of passion-driven car enthusiasts.


We’ve detailed every square inch to make sure the steel panels are a quality fit to our brand new bodies as well as your original 1932 car.

World Class Fitment

Legendary Hot Rod builder Roy Brizio shares his experience using our Ford Licensed, all-steel body panels.

Body Shells

Starting a project with a new shell from United Pacific is the best way to turn your dream car into reality. We have created precision tooling that accurately reproduces every panel exactly like the original. Our philosophy has always been to make it just like the original Ford assembly line.

Roof Configurations

Our 5-Window Coupe Bodies are proudly assembled to order here in Long Beach, California in four variations: Original Roof with a solid cowl or cowl vent, and Solid roof with a solid cowl or cowl vent.


Our famous Ford body shells also include the hardwood inner structure, doors, latches and hinged lid. And if you’re looking for more, make sure to check out our replacement panels and other components you can wrench on.

Door & Door Parts

Every detail of our door shell is made to fit the original door latches, window regulators, window guides and glass, perfectly. We have everything from door hinges to window cranks and everything in between to complete your custom or original build.


With our beautifully crafted steel front and rear fenders, you can rest assured that they will fit your 1932 Ford car and truck like original parts right out of the Ford factory. Each piece has been die-stamped to perfection with all needed mounting holes and wired edge beading.

Interior Components

The finishing touches to the inside of your hot rod are just as important as the outside, technically and esthetically speaking. Perfect in every detail, United Pacific carries garnish moldings, superb-fitting Windshield Pillar Post Trim, Sun Visors and more. Check out all of your options for your timeless ride.

Parts & Accessories

We carry a wide selection of parts and accessories to help restore the car of your dreams. Whether your build is a simple daily-driver or a far more elaborate show-stopping piece of art, United Pacific has the finest quality products, so you can cruise in style.